Preventive Success Stories

The National Center for Preventive Law wants to archive stories of individual decisions, advice imparted, or actions taken as a lawyer or judge that prevented a potential legal problem.

Sharing your preventive law story here may immediately help other legal professionals.  Furthermore, by collecting a variety of stories from different settings we may be able to distill general principles of Preventive Law. 

Articulating Preventive Law principles that could apply across any field of law is important to the continued growth of Preventive Law.  Once such general principles can be expounded--supported by practical examples--we will be able to develop important new educational materials for use in law schools and CLE presentations. 

For more than one hundred years, legal education has been dominated by stories of litigation.  Please help us collect alternative stories of lawyerly decisions and advice that had helpful, preventive effects on a client, on personal relationships, or in a community. 

As stories are collected, we may post or excerpt them on this page.  We will assume that information we receive may be publically shared or used in educational efforts.  You may wish to change client names to protect privacy. 

Stories need not be lengthy.  If you learned a principle that you think has broader application to Preventive Law, please describe that as well.

Please e-mail Thomas D. Barton at California Western School of Law with your story.  It will be much appreciated.