Other Links

Other links:

1.  The International Network on Therapeutic Jurisprudence (www.law.arizona.edu/upr-intj/)

The International Network on Therpeutic Jurisprudence is designed
to stimulate thought in the area of therapeutic jurisprudence. It
serves internationally as a clearing house and resource center
regarding therapeutic jurisprudence developments.


2.  The website of Professor Bruce J. Winick (www.brucewinick.com).

Bruce J. Winick, Professor of Law at the University of Miami, is one of thefounders of Therapeutic Jurisprudence and a national leader in Mental Healthlaw. He also is a pioneer in the integration of Therapeutic Jurisprudencewith Preventive Law. His important theoretical contributions arecomplemented by his efforts to apply his insights to lawyering and practiceswithin the legal system.


3.  The Colorado Contractor Law Project (www.contractorlaw.org)

The National Center for Preventive Law is featuring the Colorado Contractor Law Project as a good example of using preventive law concepts in industry.  Their mission is to educate Colorado contractors, subcontractors and industry vendors about Colorado laws affecting and regulating the construction business.  The goals of the project are to:

--promote compliance within the construction industry

--prevent litigation and unnecessary regulatory violations

--help protect the public.


4.  The Preventive Law Reporter (www.preventive-law.org)

The Preventive Law Reporter is a quarterly publication of the University of Denver College of LAw.  The publication is dedicated to increasing the awareness and practice of preventive law.  The Preventive Law Reporter is a one of a kind publication that has been in circulation for over fifteen years.  With a subscription base that reaches lawyers, firms, and corporations around the world, it is the voice for a theory of law gaining recognition for its positive benefits to practitioners and clients.